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Frequently Asked Questions

Full Service Billing

Question: Do you provide physician credentialing services?
Answer: Yes, as a separate service for those physicians or Emergency Medical Services providers that utilize our Full Service Billing.
Question: What types of reports are included in your Full Service Billing?
Answer: Monthly reports include an Aged Trial Balance, Reports on Accounts Receivable which includes gross practice total, payments and insurance discounts, refunds and beginning and ending Accounts Receivable balances. The Practice Management Report breaks down the number of procedures by CPT code both monthly and year to date.


Question: If we use your collection services for our bad debt, are we obligated to report the accounts to the credit bureaus?
Answer: No, you are not obligated to have us report the accounts to credit bureaus although we do recommend it. Collection accounts remain on a persons credit history for seven years. This increases the probability of recouping your loss.
Question: Are you able to accept electronic data?
Answer: Yes, if the data is in a readable format. We would work closely with you to determine if your system has the capability to download the data in a readable format.
Question: What types of reports are included with your Collection services?
Answer: If there is any payment activity for the month, a detailed statement is automatically generated showing the debtor name, account number, and the amount paid. The statement also shows the total amount of payments, our commissions earned, and sales tax applied to the commissions. We have several other reports available including the Debtor Account Status Report which lists every account your practice has placed with us and the status of that account.
Question: What happens if a patient pays our office after the account has been transferred to collections?
Answer: You can report the payment to us by phone or email. If the patient paid by check, you can mail the check to our office if you do not wish to deposit it.
Question: How soon will a debtor receive notification that the account has be placed in Collections?
Answer: A notice file is created the day the account is entered into our system. The debtor should receive the notice within three or four days from the date the account was entered.
Question: Is there a charge for credit reporting?
Answer: No. This is included in our Collection Service at no additional fee.


Question: How long has your company performed billing services for EMS.
Answer: Our first contract began in December 1991.
Question: Do you bill for both emergency and non-emergency ambulance transports?
Answer: Yes. Our staff is experienced in all types of ambulance billing.

All Services

Question: What do you charge for your services?
Answer: Both the Billing and Collection Departments earn a percentage of the actual money collected. That percentage is based on volume and average balance. Our management staff would determine the fees based on this information.
Question: What software do you use?
Answer: Our software for Collections, Full Service Billing and EMS billing is proprietary. We have IT staff which allows us to make modifications to accommodate our needs.
Question: Is your staff familiar with HIPAA?
Answer: Yes, all staff receives training in this area.
Question: How do I get more information about your services?
Answer: You may call our sales staff or 210-227-5082 or use the Contact Us page and we will respond promptly.
Question: Does your company accept credit cards.
Answer: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.